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String Riffs -- original music for strings

All volumes include:

  • Segmented and multi-level pieces in a wide range of musical styles
  • Alignment to federal and state standards
  • Sound effects and advanced techniques to hold student interest
  • Concept maps for planning and lesson facilitation (in Teacher’s Score for Method Volumes)
  • Substantial viola, cello, and bass parts in advanced volumes
  • Hits like “Enchi-chilada,” “The Pirate’s Awakening” with “The Pirate’s Lair,” “Orchestrocity” and many more
  • “Scary String Stories,” allowing students to write their own entertaining narratives


String Riffs volumes are distributed by Hickman Music Editions.

We offer original music for strings ranging from elementary school beginners to high school musicians. Repertoire is thoroughly tested in the classroom, and most pieces are supplemented with invaluable concept maps providing unique shortcuts for lesson planning.

Fun tunes like “Saddles and Spurs” and “Arizona Rodeo” combine Southwestern charm with techniques carefully designed to improve specific skills. These versatile compositions adapt easily to teacher preferences in articulation, rhythm, tempo and style as integral building blocks in the string classroom, offering differentiated instruction aligned to state and federal music education standards. Lower strings receive equal attention thanks to the composer’s background as a cellist.

String Riffs spotlights the engaging music of composer Karen Koger, an experienced professional educator and performer. As a lifelong musician Koger has been teaching private cello lessons for more than two decades and most recently instructed fourth- through eighth-grade students in Arizona’s Mesa and Tempe Public School systems, maintaining a long relationship with the American String Teacher Association. She actively plays in chamber, orchestral, studio, instructional and theatrical ensembles.

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My first skype experience with Three students I had met before at AMEA, OMEA, and National ASTA. Nina was a big bass part of my first reading session. many things have improved and changed since then, but the String Riffs hits are still the same pieces. 

Many thanks to Dr Marg Schmidt for inviting me to talk about the Why, the How, and the process of