Jukebox Jingle

This snazzy, jazzy music machine plays “Jingle Bells,” moving from 2/4 to 4/4 with ease and tempting fingers to snap. Drop a coin to choose “Up on the House-Top” until the jukebox returns to “Jingle Bells,” then turn off the machine at the end of the...

White Coral Jingle Bells

Imagine a relaxing Christmas…you’ll lounge on a warm beach and play in the surf, blending themes from various carols into a refreshing fruity punch.

On a Cold Winter’s Night

Three wise men travel far through chilly weather to visit the newborn baby Jesus before leaving with the angels and the shepherds, all filled with the good news.

Dizzy Dreidels

Spin the top and celebrate Chanukah, spelling out “A great miracle occurred there” before you win the pot.

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