Scary String Stories

“The Mummy’s String Picture” by Elizabeth Gonzalez “The Night of the String-Eating Marshmallow” by Elise Johnson and Payton Brown

Kung Fu Choo Choo

The pentatonic scale lends the colors of Asia to a trainload of half, quarter and eighth notes with accents, dynamics and the exotic fermata. Kung Fu Choo Choo teaches: pentatonic scale half, quarter and eighth notes accents dynamics...

Bisbee Broomsticks

Flying fingers use ¾ time and the D major scale to cross strings with diminuendos and slow-to-fast practice. Bisbee Broomsticks teaches: ¾ time D major scale string crossings diminuendos slow-to-fast practice

Scampering Squirrels

Focus on a straight bow and “motorcycle” rhythm to chase dynamics up and down the A- and D-string trees. Scampering Squirrels teaches: straight bow “motorcycle” rhythm dynamics A-string and D-string work

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