Scary String Stories

“The Haunted Orchestra Room” by Francisco Camarillo and Gema Felix “The Two String Friends and the Sounds of the Scary Castle” by Bethany Hagar


Hooves, tails, and ears slide up and down the D major scale, from open D-string to a D harmonic on the A-string and beyond. String crossings and glissandos create a hee-haw carousel. Donkey-Go-Round teaches: D major scale open D string to D harmonic on the A string...

Slippery Socks

Left hand, right hand — keep your balance by reinforcing A-string techniques using scales and rhythm work at a fast tempo. Slippery Socks teaches: reinforce A-string techniques scales rhythms fast tempo

Wickenburg Wigwag

(Intermediate) Pan for gold in the Old West as you leap across strings, skip over intervals, and practice bow distribution. Wickenburg Wigwag teaches: string crossings intervals bow distribution

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