String Riffs Celebration Performance Set 3


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String Riffs Celebration Performance Set 3 gives teachers three fun and satisfying options for concert performance, providing substantial pieces of similar difficulty to be performed individually or together on one complementary program. Enjoy “Mosquito Poquitito,” “Salamander Meander” and “Guppy Tales.” Levels 2.5 – 3 for string orchestra.

Guppy Tales

Frisky swimmers slip to and fro through sparkling water, riding burbling bubbles, telling stories and wiggling with happiness.

Mosquito Poquitito

Tiny mischief-makers buzz, flutter and trill through syncopation and high-pitched patterns.


Salamander Meander

Slowly and deliberately these sleek amphibians explore their cool, damp homes, using sustained notes to flaunt dapper spotted skins and tiny toes.

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