String Riffs Holiday Volume will include pieces for all occasions, but not all levels (maybe later):

The Bold and the Brave, Ghoulash, Goblins Galore, Gecko Goulash, Bisbee Broomsticks, Jukebox Jingle, Up on the House Top, Arr., White Coral Jingle Bells, On a Cold Winter’s Night, Dancing Piñata, Celebration, Save and Serve Salute, Cottontail Capers, Chicks and Bonnets, and Independence, so far…

3 pieces for the price of one and license to copy as needed In the Celebration Performance Sets. 

Celebration Performance Set One:

Tree Celli Mon for Cello Trio, Click Beetle Boogie for Cello Quartet, and Heart Strings for Cello Quartet

Celebration Performance Set Two:

Avalanchia by my Dad, Trans for Orch by me, The Storm, and Twitchy Latté

Celebration Performance Set Three:

Guppy Tales, Itty Bitty Rondo, and New York Cheese Face

Celebration Performance Set Four, may have:

Jester’s Court, Salamander Meander, and Classical #1

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