Twitchy Latte

Pep up your day with syncopation, controlled glissandos and jittery tremolos. Take a sip and dance the java jive using soli phrases passed between instruments.

Salamander Meander

Slowly and deliberately these sleek amphibians explore their cool, damp homes, using sustained notes to flaunt dapper spotted skins and tiny toes.

Guppy Tales

Frisky swimmers slip to and fro through sparkling water, riding burbling bubbles, telling stories and wiggling with happiness.

The Storm

Dark and ominous, thunderheads billow up from minor clouds with exciting atmospheric patterns and the overtones of a seafaring chanty.

Jukebox Jingle

This snazzy, jazzy music machine plays “Jingle Bells,” moving from 2/4 to 4/4 with ease and tempting fingers to snap. Drop a coin to choose “Up on the House-Top” until the jukebox returns to “Jingle Bells,” then turn off the machine at the end of the...

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