Each instrument takes the spotlight in a movement of this engaging suite. I. Violarific – The alto clef shines in 6/8 through resonant repeated viola notes over flowing accompaniment. II. Celloha – Upper strings lay down a tropical pizzicato beat under a swaying cello...

Click Beetle Boogie

Toes will tap with this tune’s catchy, swaying beat and surprising harmonies as tremolos help those groovy insects skitter across the strings of a cello quartet.

Tree Celli Mon

Rich sonorities reveal all the capabilities of a cello trio with contrasting rhythms and smooth slides. Young players will savor the simple, satisfying lines.

On a Cold Winter’s Night

Three wise men travel far through chilly weather to visit the newborn baby Jesus before leaving with the angels and the shepherds, all filled with the good news.

Jalapeño Poppers!

Enjoy the perfect musical appetizer and companion to “Spicy Tacos!” — these delicious treats have plenty of bite to tempt your palate before the sweeter sounds of the holidays. A satisfying piano part challenges more experienced players.

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