Veterans Day Celebration

Beethoven’s beloved “Ode to Joy” leads to a medley of familiar, patriotic favorites and hymns with a salute to our armed forces and a nod to the red, white and blue.

The Bold and the Brave

A bold swath of Celtic heritage gives this confident anthem the fierce backbone of a warrior.  ...

D-String Dawg

Lift and place fingers while exploring every D-string nook and cranny while changing rhythms, and try your advanced skills in the “challenge” section. D-String Dawg teaches: finger placement D-string practice changing rhythms “challenge”...


A-String Abby takes D-String Dawg for a walk across open strings, leading the way through half and quarter notes and rests scattered with a few eighth notes. Dawg-n-Abby teaches: open strings half, quarter, and eighth notes with rests

String Riffs D and A

Sing and pizzicato your way through the steps of reading, playing, and counting while learning good posture, how to visually track notes, and the elements of rhythm. String Riffs D and A teaches: singing and pizzicato reading, counting, playing posture elements of...

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