Dizzy Dreidels

Spin the top and celebrate Chanukah, spelling out “A great miracle occurred there” before you win the pot.

The Bold and the Brave

A bold swath of Celtic heritage gives this confident anthem the fierce backbone of a warrior.  ...

Peacock Prance

It’s easy to flaunt those tail feathers with rhythmically different scales, skips, and steps mixed with stop and circle bows. Peacock Prance teaches: rhythmically different scales skips steps stop and circle bows

Wispy Waltz

Drift through new rhythms in a ¾ time signature with circle bows and dotted half notes. Wispy Waltz teaches: new rhythms ¾ time signature circle bows dotted half notes

D-String Dawg

Lift and place fingers while exploring every D-string nook and cranny while changing rhythms, and try your advanced skills in the “challenge” section. D-String Dawg teaches: finger placement D-string practice changing rhythms “challenge”...

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