Hi String Professionals,

By formatting String Riffs for teachers, the classroom may have sets of music that the teacher controls. The purchaser of String Riffs may duplicate necessary parts for rehearsal, personal practice, or a class set without worry. $30.00 gets you 3 leveled pieces or 3 cello ensemble pieces (Celebration Performance Set 1 and 2), $49.95 will purchase a set of 10 (ten) holiday pieces for Halloween and Veteran’s Day through Hanukkah and Christmas, or 15-19 progressive pieces each in String Riffs Volumes One, Two, and Three. 

Many of my families choose not to purchase books or are unable to purchase books. String Riffs makes it possible for those students to participate in class. Teachers, you may use these year after year, too. 

I used Volumes One and Two as review for my 5th and 6th graders this year. They are playing and reading pieces faster and with more rhythmic accuracy and independence. String Riffs also has one pagers with individual string reviews for those students who need a focused review. 

On the included digital CD with individual parts, the teacher is able to send pdfs of parts to students to practice at home or to use on their Ipads, laptops, etc. We would ask that you do not copy the score. If a colleague is interested in String Riffs, please refer them to our website StringRiffs.com for their own Volumes. 

We will be releasing an accompaniment CD for each of the String Riffs Volumes One, Two and Three soon, with performance ready live piano tracks by Miriam Hickman, and/or string/piano midi tracks from Finale. Many teachers are excited to use these in the classroom, while they fix postures; at the actual performance with Miriam’s professional accompaniment; or even with a boombox and quartet or quintet in a practice room, to practice sightreading without teacher assistance. I hope it provides a quality tool at only $15 for each String Riffs Volume Accompaniment CD.  

We have tried to respect the need for affordable, copiable, digital, music for kids. Please let us know your thoughts. I’d love to send you a couple of samples, since these are new, original works. Go to the Contact page or subscribe to my newsletter. 

Thank you for your interest. 


Karen Koger

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