reading session used as Final by Michelle Mastin

Michelle Mastin of Yellow Springs, OH is using a reading session of Karen Koger’s music as the Final for her Methods Class. Michelle may also gather some northern OH teachers for an adult, established teacher reading session this winter, too. Good luck students! “Booth”ing at OMEA ‘24

Excited to be assisted by Megan Wetzel of Megan’s Media Management for the second year in a row, at OMEA’s Music Convention in Columbus. StringRiffs may be represented in a reading session for this convention, fingers crossed.

AZMEA’s 85th Conference, String Riffs “Booth”ing again

February 2-3, 2024 will have a booth staffed by Katrina Becker and possibly assisted by Teresa Becker, while the owner of, Karen Koger, is “Booth”ing at OMEA. StringRiffs has Boothed at 8-10 of those amazing 85 years. Possible reading session of StringRiffs Hits and new 1, 2, 3 octave Minor Scale Sheets and […] traveling to Nat. ASTA in Louisville, KY

Karen Koger and her West Coast Rep, Katrina Becker, will be traveling to Louisville, KY for National ASTA Convention, Collocating with Suzuki Association of America. We may even have a reading session in addition to our String Riffs Booth. Keep your ears on and visit us in March, 2024.

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