Dizzy Dreidels

Spin the top and celebrate Chanukah, spelling out “A great miracle occurred there” before you win the pot.

Goblins Galore

Slide those impish fingers across spooky harmonics, spine-chilling glissandos and startling pizzicato punctuation. Versatile and fun, Goblins Galore may be played with Giggling Goblins to combine players of varying skill levels in one ensemble.

Pizz. and Bows and Pizz. and Bows

Choose your own line of music for a different ensemble adventure each time — it’s all up to you. Decide between pizzicato and arco with eighth and quarter notes encouraging multi-part fun and independence. Pizz. and Bows and Pizz. and Bows teaches: choose a line...

Wispy Waltz

Drift through new rhythms in a ¾ time signature with circle bows and dotted half notes. Wispy Waltz teaches: new rhythms ¾ time signature circle bows dotted half notes

A Walk in the Park

Using scalar motion to stroll through syncopation offers plenty of opportunities to practice note names, bow distribution, and steps vs. skips. A Walk in the Park teaches: scalar motion syncopation note names bow distribution steps vs....

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