Waddle You Do?

Get your ducks in a row with string crossings encouraging different arm heights. Smooth bow and string transitions work with scales in both directions. Waddle You Do? teaches: string crossings different arm heights bow and string transitions...

Fiddle Me This

Rosin up for circle bows on open strings, alternating pizzicato and arco with string changes and practicing posture. Fiddle Me This teaches: circle bows open strings alternating pizzicato and arco string changes


A-String Abby takes D-String Dawg for a walk across open strings, leading the way through half and quarter notes and rests scattered with a few eighth notes. Dawg-n-Abby teaches: open strings half, quarter, and eighth notes with rests

String Riffs D and A

Sing and pizzicato your way through the steps of reading, playing, and counting while learning good posture, how to visually track notes, and the elements of rhythm. String Riffs D and A teaches: singing and pizzicato reading, counting, playing posture elements of...

Boogie Woogie Two Shoes

Open strings and dancing rhythms add swing to your step. Players chant “two shoes, two shoes” with foot-stomping accents and a tremolo flourish at the end. Boogie Woogie Two Shoes teaches: open strings rhythms chanting foot-stomping accents tremolo...

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