Dear Karen,

Thank you so much for sharing these pieces with me!  I passed out Hootenanny to my kids yesterday and they LOVED it!!  It is the first “real” piece of music they have tried (3-5 grade beginners – up until now we’ve just been playing unison exercises from their lesson books.)  I think they really felt like they were playing in an orchestra.  I could visibly see them energized – HUGE smiles, super excited!!  One little girl just squealed when we finished the last time, playing it as fast as we could.  The kids who got the “C” part were so excited to be playing along and obviously adding to the sound of the ensemble. Some were practicing it while warming up for their lessons today.  One of them told me, “This is my favorite song that we play.”  (Haha!  As if we play any other songs….)  I’m excited to pass out Goulash next, and I will be checking out your page for more fun options for my kids.  Thank you again for sharing this valuable resource!


Angie Knechtel

Elementary Band & Orchestra Director
Administrative Assistant, Linfield Christian Fine Arts

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