ASTA and other professional organizations provide musicians a safe place to learn, to have a string community, and to compare notes about our multitude of musical experiences. Leadership opportunities abound through Professional memberships. At many times in our teaching and musical careers we experience the sensation that we are surviving without support or backing, but through our affiliations with clubs, professional associations and ensembles we find a sense of strength in numbers, if not insanity. 

To actually have meetings relating, referring, and reflecting about string issues, not Common Core, Math, or Science, but new ways to learn about our craft, new ways to teach our passion, and reinforcement of the most current approach tried recently invigorates the mind to delve more deeply into specific areas on interest safely. Through respect of ideas and careful listening and discussion, knowledge is able to grow and expand to incorporate the wealth of experience found in the group. We are fortunate to have those people who are willing to coordinate, facilitate and develop meetings of the mind. 

The wealth of opportunities to innovate, lead, create, or participate in professional organizations is staggering. By running for a leadership role, creating a newsletter, leading one arm of an association, creating a new resource, writing about or on a new subject, sharing what has worked and what needs more consideration, or by providing a meal for those who have expended all their energies creates a community of music, support, and a depth of possibilities one may not find in a studio, classroom, or ensemble. 

Please take the time to share with each other your experiences, wealth of knowledge, affermation that something we are currently involved in provides a positive, thought provoking or humorous result, and enjoy the sensation of a musical community that is growing and changing thanks to each of us.