What a fun winter getting to meet and exchange ideas with future teachers, orchestra students, and current Orchestra Directors At IMEA & OMEA.  It’s time to make Karen Koger, Composer and Publisher of String Riffs, drive all over Ohio and Indiana sharing String Riffs in Hootenanny reading sessions, Pro. Dev days, or presentations. April will be the month for a Ft Wayne, Indiana Hootenanny, thanks to Teresa S.

Katrina Becker was busy at AMEA as my West Coast String Riffs rep. She thoroughly enjoyed meeting each of you. Let’s schedule 2-3 Hootenannies in the same couple of weeks In AZ. I’d love to fly out to meet everyone. 

Thank you for checking out StringRiffs.com. 

New this year: Individual pieces: Herkimer the Orchestra Elf, Silently Beside You, Mingo the Dingo, and Saddles and Spurs. 

Also, ECommerce is just around the corner. 

StringRiffs.com Student Volumes One, Two, Three may be purchased for class sets, studio teaching, or put String Riffs Student Volumes on your curriculum list for 2017-2018 for the families to purchase. 18 pieces ranging from Beginning -Level 2.5 in a unison format. But, wait!  String Riffs Volume Three works with the Original Volume Three, which is orchestrated. Enhance your teaching thru multi-level pieces! Yeah!