String Riffs Celebration Performance Set 1


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String Riffs Celebration Performance Set 1 spotlights cello ensembles with substantial compositions challenging groups of players with differing skill levels. Each piece works perfectly on its own in a concert, but all three tunes can also be enjoyed together in a single program. Try “Heart Strings,” “Tree Celli Mon” and “Click Beetle Boogie.” Levels 1 – 3 for all cellos.

Tree Celli Mon

Rich sonorities reveal all the capabilities of a cello trio with contrasting rhythms and smooth slides. Young players will savor the simple, satisfying lines.

Heart Strings

Reach deep inside a cello quartet and stir emotions with gracefully interwoven melodies, varying rhythms and plenty of dynamic contrast.

Click Beetle Boogie

Toes will tap with this tune’s catchy, swaying beat and surprising harmonies as tremolos help those groovy insects skitter across the strings of a cello quartet.

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