String Riffs Celebration Performance Set 4


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String Riffs Celebration Performance Set 4 offers concert repertoire with two substantial pieces plus an excellent multi-movement suite. Explore “Twitchy Latte,” “’Twas the Cat,” and the four sparkling movements of Orchestrocity: I. “Violarific,” II. “Celloha,” III. BASS-ic-al-ly,” and IV. “Violinstinct.” Levels 1.5 – 3 for string orchestra.

Twitchy Latte

Pep up your day with syncopation, controlled glissandos and jittery tremolos. Take a sip and dance the java jive using soli phrases passed between instruments.



Each instrument takes the spotlight in a movement of this engaging suite.

I. Violarific – The alto clef shines in 6/8 through resonant repeated viola notes over flowing accompaniment.

II. Celloha – Upper strings lay down a tropical pizzicato beat under a swaying cello melody.

III. BASS-ic-al-ly – The growly bass steals the show against a counterpoint of jazzy rests, accents and pizzicato.

IV. Violinstinct – Violins move to center stage in a perpetual-motion treat reminiscent of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos.

’Twas the Cat

This sinuous feline twists, turns and scampers across the strings, meowing as she navigates a challenging time-signature change.

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