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The String Riffs Volume Two teacher’s score works well as a progressive curriculum base for intermediate beginners or a review for advanced beginners, reinforcing rhythm from eighth to whole notes, D-string and A-string techniques, rhythmic development, sequencing, slurs, glissandi, string crossings, scalar and skipping passages, and more. Concept maps help align lesson plans. Level 1 for string orchestra.

This volume coordinates perfectly with String Riffs Volume Two – Piano/Conductor, String Riffs Student Volume Two, and the String Riffs Volume Two Accompaniment CD.

Fiddle Strings

Switching quickly from pizzicato to arco and back adds zing and a folksy twang to open strings, along with plenty of attention to accents and rests. Fiddle Strings teaches:

  • quick switches from pizzicato to arco
  • open strings
  • accents
  • rests

Boogie Woogie Two Shoes

Open strings and dancing rhythms add swing to your step. Players chant “two shoes, two shoes” with foot-stomping accents and a tremolo flourish at the end. Boogie Woogie Two Shoes teaches:

  • open strings
  • rhythms
  • chanting
  • foot-stomping accents
  • tremolo


D-String Dawg Round

Wander up and down the D-string with careful fingering and the friendly paws of D-String Dawg. D-String Dawg Round teaches:

  • up & down D string
  • fingering
  • round patterns

Scary String Stories

“The Haunted Orchestra Room” by Francisco Camarillo and Gema Felix

“The Two String Friends and the Sounds of the Scary Castle” by Bethany Hagar

D-String Dawg

Continue exploring every D-string nook and cranny with more rhythms, and try your advanced skills in the “challenge” section. D-String Dawg teaches:

  • D-string exploration
  • rhythms
  • advanced “challenge” section

Walking the Dawg

The canine exercises continue, building on the rhythmic fun of D-String Dawg Round and D-String Dawg with swift changes from pizzicato to arco. Walking the Dawg teaches:

  • builds on D-String Dawg Round and D-String Dawg rhythms
  • pizzicato to arco

Super Heroes

Save the day with strong technique and rhythm practice on all four open strings. Fly between whole, half, quarter, and eighth notes and rests through a brisk Allegro tempo. Super Heroes teaches:

  • all four open strings
  • rhythms
  • whole, half, quarter, and eighth notes and rests

Mary and Her Lambs – Theme and Variations

A favorite, familiar theme and three different variations give our heroine and her woolly friends new directions in rhythms, patterns, and string crossings. Mary and Her Lambs – Theme and Variations teaches:

  • familiar theme with three variations
  • rhythms
  • patterns
  • string crossings


This saucy Southwestern dish serves up open strings and tasty D-string notes in a scale-based casserole layered with ¾ time and multi-rhythms. Say “En-chi-chi-la-da!” in syncopation, and move from arco to pizzicato to arco. Enchi-chilada teaches:

  • open strings
  • D string
  • 3/4 time
  • multi-rhythms
  • arco to pizzicato
  • syncopated chant

U R A D-String Pro

It’s all up to you — divisi allows you to choose top or bottom notes, and plenty of D-string study leads to open A. Dynamics and decisions between circle- or stop-bow create a wide range of possibilities. U R A D-String Pro teaches:

  • choice of divisi
  • D string
  • open A string
  • dynamics
  • circle- and stop-bow

Sound Effects for String Libs

A-String Abby Round

Just like D-String Dawg, Abby discovers everything offered on the A-string, encouraging attentive finger placement and good intonation within the circles of a round. A-String Abby Round teaches:

  • A-string exploration
  • fingering
  • intonation
  • round patterns

Meet A-String Abby

Watch out as the Dawg jumps to the A-string in progressively more difficult rhythms and finger patterns, supplemented with another “challenge” section for eager players. Meet A-String Abby teaches:

  • A-string rhythms
  • finger patterns
  • advanced “challenge” section

Scottish Lullaby

As winds sweep down from the Highlands, slower tempos and tender dynamics encourage a gentle touch. Basses shift to third position, bows focus on legato, and a fermata makes an appearance. Scottish Lullaby teaches:

  • slower tempos
  • dynamics
  • basses in third position
  • legato bows
  • fermata


Hooves, tails, and ears slide up and down the D major scale, from open D-string to a D harmonic on the A-string and beyond. String crossings and glissandos create a hee-haw carousel. Donkey-Go-Round teaches:

  • D major scale
  • open D string to D harmonic on the A string
  • string crossings
  • glissandos

Fiddle Me Home

(Intermediate) Take the next step with optional advanced solo parts for enthusiastic students or teachers. Bow technique and special attention to dynamics kick-start a down-home tune. Fiddle Me Home teaches:

  • bow technique
  • dynamics
  • optional advanced solo parts


Up On the House Top

Jump into the holiday spirit with a new arrangement of Saint Nick’s landing, filled with “ho ho ho” and “ha ha ha” interjections during rests. Up On the House Top teaches:

  • new arrangement of the classic
  • “ho ho ho” and “ha ha ha” interjections

Cabin By the Lake

(Intermediate) Relax on the front porch and enjoy the view over still, clear water with peaceful legato, long tones, smooth bow changes, and singing slurs.

Cabin By the Lake teaches:

  • legato
  • long tones
  • smooth bow changes
  • slurs

Wickenburg Wigwag

(Intermediate) Pan for gold in the Old West as you leap across strings, skip over intervals, and practice bow distribution.

Wickenburg Wigwag teaches:

  • string crossings
  • intervals
  • bow distribution

Slippery Socks

Left hand, right hand — keep your balance by reinforcing A-string techniques using scales and rhythm work at a fast tempo.

Slippery Socks teaches:

  • reinforce A-string techniques
  • scales
  • rhythms
  • fast tempo

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